Business and Employment Immigration in L.A.

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries and sectors of the economy rely on foreign nationals whose education, skills or unique talents can make them highly valuable or even indispensable to their employers. If you or your company needs advice and representation with any employment-based immigration issue, contact an experienced business immigration lawyer at the Santa Monica office of Steven R. Landaal, Attorney at Law.

We help employers in a wide variety of fields – manufacturing, the arts, medicine, academia, high tech, and restaurants – meet their staffing needs through both temporary and permanent visas for foreign nationals.

For employers whose objective is permanent legal residence for skilled, professional or uniquely talented workers, we can assist with the process of obtaining certification of the need for foreign labor and with preparation of the I-140 immigrant visa petition.We can also advise you about the different criteria and documentation needs that apply for the different eligibility classifications ranging from EB-1 through EB-5, each of which represents a path to permanent residence.

We also help businesses whose needs for professional or technical staffing is temporary. These can range from short-term B-1 visas for business travelers to H-1b visas for temporary professional workers and H-2 visas for nonprofessionals. In all cases, we can help anticipate and overcome barriers to entry and make sure that your initial application or petition maximizes the chance for favorable action.

With more than 20 years of experience focused on immigration law issues in Southern California, Steven Landaal understands your need for accurate assessment of your needs, responsiveness to new developments, and careful preparation of necessary applications. For additional information about his ability to meet your business immigration needs effectively, contact his office in Santa Monica.

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