Family Visa and Permanent Residence Applications in L.A.

At the immigration law offices of Steven R. Landaal, Attorney at Law, we help clients with applications for permanent residence based on family status: fiancé visas, applications based on marriage, and family petitions. To learn more about our ability to help with family immigration in Los Angeles, contact our office in Santa Monica.

Fiancé Visas

We have more than twenty years experience assisting clients to unite with their fiancés who are residing abroad. We have helped bring fiancés from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Wherever your fiancé is located, we can help arrange his or her entry into the U.S. through a K-1 fiance visa. We prepare Form I-129F for filing with USCIS, as well as the forms necessary for consular processing abroad.

Your fiancee is relying on you to take care of the technical and complex immigration procedures necessary to bring him or her to the United States. Hiring an experienced immigration attorney can help.

Applications Based on Marriage

We have helped hundreds of couples begin their lives together in the United States. At our initial meeting, we will carefully assess your case and advise as to issues that might arise. We have extensive experience in this area of the law and excel at overcoming obstacles such as health problems, criminal convictions, or prior immigration problems. We welcome the difficult case.

If your spouse is in the United States, we will prepare and concurrently file Forms I-130 and I-485 with the USCIS.

If your spouse is overseas, we will file Form I-130 with the USCIS and prepare all necessary forms for submission to the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) and consulates abroad.

Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence Based on Marriage

Spouses who have been married for less than two years are initially granted Conditional Permanent Residence. This means that two years later the couple must file Form I-751to allow the USCIS to re-examine the marriage. If the application is properly completed and fully and correctly documented, this stage of the process is normally less complicated than the initial application. We will carefully assess your case for issues which could cause complications and carefully prepare the application and supporting paperwork. In almost all cases prepared by our office, this results in the application being granted without interview by USCIS.

What Happens in the case of Divorce or Separation? Divorce or separation does not make you ineligible to renew your permanent residence. This is true even if the marriage was of very short duration, so long as it was genuine at its inception. We have handled dozens of such cases and have an excellent record of success.

Family Violence

America protects foreign-born spouses and children from family violence through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). A spouse who has been subjected to physical violence or extreme mental cruelty can apply for permanent residence on his or her own, without the sponsorship, support, or even knowledge of an abusive spouse. We have can help you through this process, including preparation of Form I-360 and all supporting documentation. Contact my Santa Monica immigration law office for immediate legal help if you are an abused immigrant spouse

Family-based Applications

Our office can also help preserve or reunite families through family-based I-130 petitions for permanent residence for parents, children, or siblings of US citizens or permanent residents. The details for eligibility vary according to the residence status of the sponsoring relative, the family relationship involved, and the age of the person sponsored. With more than 20 years of immigration law experience, Steven Landaal will take the time to make sure that you understand the procedure, and that your petition is properly prepared and timely filed. We are experienced with the requirements of the Citizenship and Immigration Service, as well as the Department of State and its consulates abroad.

Southern California family immigration lawyer Steven Landaal offers skilled and conscientious representation on the full range of fiancé, marriage and family petitions for permanent residence, from initial application through permanent residence and citizenship. Contact his office in Santa Monica for further information about his ability to help you.

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